SPENCER ROWELL Psychotherapist
Psychotherapy & Counselling in Soho, London W1

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Soho, Central London, W1

I work with people to find more of an understanding of their emotional life. Importantly how this might be relevant to connections with self and others as we find our own way in the world... That this exploration, of identity and sense of belonging, might ultimately enable us to live a more well-lived life...

Why Might You be Here...
Of course, specific issues do bring people to psychotherapy, although quite often these symptoms may be much less defined.
Are you struggling to express yourself in important relationships.
You can't quite put your finger on it.
Feelings that you are finding difficult to make sense of.
Making life difficult, creating distress.

That even taking certain actions or advice has failed to bring purpose or meaning to aspects of your life.

Perhaps you have put these difficult questions to the back of your mind unaddressed and ‘coped’ in other ways. Difficult feelings do however have a habit of returning, often unannounced.

Whatever prompted you to consider talking to a psychotherapist or counsellor, considering who that person might be can be a daunting prospect. All relationships start as a step into the unknown.

If it’s answers we seek, we first have to be asking the right questions. You after all are among the most important people you are likely to meet in your life – might you be intrigued enough in yourself?

I am a psychoanalytic Psychotherapist with a practice in Central London. 
Psychotherapy or counselling may enable you to gain different perspectives of self that were previously not considered. There are many different ways to see and be seen in the world, by examining your relationships and past experience, new ways of thinking may emerge.

What Next...
I can offer pysychotherapy and counselling in central London. In complete confidence and with time to explore issues that might be troubling you. An initial consultation might help you make this important decision of whether psychotherapy might be useful and that we might be suited to start that journey together. Without any obligation, this initial consultation could help you consider a self-enquiry to a deeper understanding of the possible causes of such thoughts and feelings, potentially offering a richer sense of connection with yourself and others.

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