SPENCER ROWELL PhD Psychoanalyst
Psychotherapist / Counselling in London N6 / N8


I work with people to find more of an understanding of their emotional life, importantly, how this might be relevant to connections with self and others as we find our way in the world. This exploration of identity and sense of belonging, might ultimately enable us to live a more well-lived life.


You are among the most important people you are likely to get to know in your life – might you be intrigued enough in yourself? If it’s answers you seek, first we have to be asking the right questions.

I offer psychoanalytic psychotherapy / counselling in Highgate / Crouch End, North London N6 / N8 area. A secure and confidential space where we might explore thoughts and feelings around specific issues such as trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or perhaps symptoms less definable, such as low self-worth, lack of confidence, hopelessness, stuck, ambivalence or frustration.

Perhaps you have put difficult questions to the back of your mind unaddressed and ‘coped’ in other ways. Difficult feelings do however have a habit of returning, often unannounced. Maybe you feel that taking certain actions or advice has failed to bring purpose or meaning to aspects of your life.

Whether you are experiencing a general malaise or have had a traumatic experience, psychotherapy may enable you to gain different perspectives of your way in the world. There are many different ways to see and be seen, speak and be heard. By examining this important relationship we each have with past experience, new ways of thinking can be found. If we can reduce the anxiety, it might enable us to think more clearly.


I am a qualified psychoanalyst, but whether the work we do is called counselling, psychotherapy or psychoanalysis, we will work psychodynamically. That is, we will think about how your inner world might connect with your experiences. By identifying possible conflicts, our work will bring about change.

As much as speaking of present life experience, we might consider the journey you made to this place. In this space, a history of experience often difficult to verbalise might be expressed. This psychodynamic way of working involves looking together at these past experiences. Psychoanalysis looks in more depth and considers the unconscious motivations or resistances to bring a new awareness and different way of seeing. We will look at the root cause and untangle the no-longer-useful from your way of being.


An initial consultation will help you make an important decision about whether this way of working might be useful and whether I would be the person suited to begin that journey with you. This initial consultation would give you the time to consider whether this potential of psychotherapy would arouse your intrigue into the nature of your connection with self and others.

Also in this initial encounter, we can discuss the frequency of sessions and fees. In this time together in a safe and confidential space, we can explore and address difficulties and challenges that you feel are obstructing you from living a well-lived life. 

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